Month: March 2017

March 29th Whole Grains Sampling Day …

Did you know?    This past Wednesday was the sixth annual Whole Grains Sampling day a rather amazing integration of many different partners and supporters (here is the list  2017 WGSD Participants ).   The concept is to create opportunities to educate folks about Whole Grains, cook with Whole Grains (University dining halls certainly got on this band wagon) and of course sample products.    In fact the participant list includes 209 participants with a complete listing of what each was doing on the day complete with the ability to discover a simple map to help you find where all these events were taking place.   

What I find curious is an effort that has been growing; that now includes 62 universities, 19 manufacturers (some with fairly tepid engagement levels) still had "only" 18 supermarket players and frankly it appears to me only Shop Rite went "all in" & kudos to them.    There has been a lot of recent press about Whole Foods traffic declines and here is an event that would seem to be ideal for them to support and they did not choose to get involved.    This event is one of those really 'on trend' for changing eating habits and still?   Maybe it is because this event required some initiative from folks to "opt-in" to participate? Maybe because it was not a cookie cutter implementation that therefore required some creativity?   Or maybe it is just a classic example of  "I simply didn't know" and therefore no one 'owned' it in my organization.    Whatever it was perhaps next year will be different because now you know 

 I try not to be negative in my commentaries but I am surprised more industry folks did not take advantage .. oh well, there is always next year!

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