BrandShare® talks about Triple Digit Growth in Sampling !

In a press release issued today the folks at BrandShare (with help from Marx Communications) are reporting some great things about sampling!

Huge sampling growth!   Expanded retail partnership!  Billions distributed!   I expect this release should generate some solid interest for Brandshare and their product set.

Yes, rapid e-commerce growth continues to drive the Product Sampling Ecosystem  Discovery segment to ever new heights.   I am obliged to point out that the “triple digit growth” described in the headline speaks to what BrandShare’s internal numbers are expected to be and in fact reflect growth from 2013 – 2017 .   A really strong and utterly believable growth rate over 4 years – however it will be interesting to see how social media and the trade press pick up on this release and if they simply trumpet triple digit growth or if they apply any sense of context.

Also that 2.2 billion samples distributed figure mentioned which remains a wildly impressive number represents the total distribution count since inception (in 1984!).

What really resonated with me was in talking about BrandShare’s  E-Commerce Network ,the Walmart e-commerce sampling program is described as having expanded to 4 million sample packages a month.  To me that is the most amazing number in the release … because at that scale Walmart alone is distributing well over 50MM samples a year via e-commerce with 50MM being a wildly conservative number.  We do know many  “sample packages” contain multiple samples. (e.g. Walmart Beauty box my household last received had 6 individual samples.  Plus a visit to this one site within the overall sampling program clearly shows this particular discovery commerce box features a large number of samples/box) .   Hence its quite safe to talk about this program alone as distributing well over 100MM samples annually.

Given today’s hectic, bumper sticker sound bite, news world that we inhabit I suspect this story will be mis-reported,  Sincere kudos to the team at Marx for being creative in how they took this solid data and created real excitement with it and the Infographic is terrific.    The press release is certainly well documented and I have no reason to dispute any of the claims in fact I’ll  add it to the list of “suggested articles with interesting data”,  I’ll just think of this as an interesting experiment in actually critically reading ‘statistics’ versus just passing cool numbers along.

My favorite line from Doug Guyer’s quote “As television advertising declines and more consumers block online ads, sampling has become the best route to buyers’ hearts.”  and with that statement I most heartily agree!   In this era of dwindling attention a sample carries far more multi-sensory impact than any other form of marketing- period.

P.S. the infographic shared with the release is quite a piece and well worth of a look: