From Australia – interesting campaign notes ….

We do attempt to provide a view beyond North American shores ... this piece from B&T magazine  details the integrated Australian campaign that Coca-Cola is running for their No Sugar Coca-Cola launch with the tag "Say yes to the taste you love".    So, in Australia, with a population of around 24.5  million people to execute  a sampling campaign to deliver 2 million samples you are talking about a remarkably large segment of the entire population!     Imagine executing a program in the US to deliver a number of samples equivalent to nearly reaching 10% of the population  - you would be in the 30 million sample neighborhood - so THIS  is a sizeable effort.  

What is also interesting is the range and depth of activities all hooked into the core sampling effort.   The efforts include mobile (as in a truck doing hand to hand; photo), influencer efforts with the first 3,000 cans, Stadium events including a take over of an AFL match, a TV campaign, a voice activated out door refrigerated panel in Sydney (photo) ,  Shazaam,  Facebook Live,  Celebrities, and the list continues.    Clearly the idea of taste is crucial to the brands launch and with absolutely no surprise sampling plays a key role.   Equally gratifying is the hybrid nature of the sampling program tactics - locations, events, a stand alone kiosk, influencer programs and while not mentioned in great detail  I am certain in store efforts are being folded in as well.    

Another example of a major Multi-National speaking with it's budget -  saying quite loudly - SamplingWorks.    This is a type of campaign, one that seeks to sample AND to do so across myriad options, we are seeing that speaks to the trend we notice globally.   Strategy first, then once you get to "how" to sample you make the distribution efforts fit into your brand needs.  Not executing a "sampling program" so much as initiating a successful launch and trial program featuring sampling.   This is where major brands should certainly be going in terms of best practices and it's wise learning for smaller brands as well.