Brand Quick Reference: 

    One page Sampling Checklist  (circa 2011) that still offers good set of questions brands should ask themselves

Industry News:  

     Continually updated  via Industry News page 

     For historical news (up through 2016) check out our industry news compilations by year

Industry Size:

       The ANA/PQ Media "US Brand Activation Marketing Forecast (2016-2020)"  Key Findings

        Discovery Commerce - Tracking the subscription box portion of the sampling industry, thanks to Liz Cadmans' Blog

Vendor Directory: 

   Currently Vendor Directory IS incomplete, we are adding weekly to cover the industry ever more completely.    Each vendor is placed in the ecosystem map, a link to them and commentary on "what they are known for".    Comments always welcomed 

Coming ...

  • Best Practice suggestions and documentation

  • Case Study Examples

  • ROI best practices - industry views on this topic