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Vendors who are listed have been vetted and are known by SamplingWorks to have solid sampling practices and a history of delivering quality programs.  If your firm is not yet listed please contact SamplingWorks! for consideration.   Please note commentary is the opinion and product of SamplingWorks! efforts and one should always click on the company's logo to be taken to their home page for further information. 

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Based on Product Sampling Ecosystem, we list the core offerings of each vendor 

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Our focus is on the value a brand can obtain via each company's core offerings hence, a "helping brands" perspective on what vendor is "known for".   Only as good as our ignorance permits;  take exception? Please let us know.     

Location: Workplace   In house assembly/fulfillment services.

Workplace impact

A unique Location option to reach EMPLOYEE'S in their workplace.  WPI lets brands provide samples, certificates, and other materials to workplace hosts who deliver them in a "corporate culture" appropriate way to employees at work.   Nearly 30 years of history reaching employee samplers, their extensive and vetted Workplace Network is truly unique asset.

Professional (Rx), In Home: Digital, Direct Mail   plus extensive Assembly, Fulfillment, supporting services.

CCG Marketing Solutions

Well known sampling vendor with strong and deep roots from the Rx side of sampling as well as support of large CRM initiatives with over 40 years of experience.   Offers Professional Sampling as well as In Home (direct mail) services directly as well as in support of Digital and Discovery partners.   Wide range of in house sampling services;  scale is a virtue used to benefit brands they work with; technology enabled; experienced team; full onsite print and lettershop, vetted and audited by many large CPG firms.

Location, In Home, In Store 

Brand Connections 

A full creative service agency providing a wide range of services that includes their Lifestyle Sampling & Fulfillment group.   According to their website they operate two full-service warehouses in the U.S. and have created the "largest sampling network in the world".    Brand Connections is a large and well know organization who can help brands target at lifestyle and life stage locations.    They have deep roots with many large CPG firms hence their systems are strong, frequently audited and adhere to best practices in the sampling industry.

In Home:  Catalog Insert, Discovery, Direct Mail   


A sampling vendor with a network of retailer partners offering e-commerce delivered sampling and advertising solutions to reach samplers at home.  Very large network of retailers (over 750 we believe) permits targeting by retail segment and other targeting dimensions.   Participation in Walmart,  Sam's Club and other retailer subscription boxes is also a core offering.  Variety of ways (lifestyle targeting, integrated digital engagement) to deliver samples to samplers at home via both request as well as 'surprise and delight' scenarios.   

Location:  Healthcare locations/symtoms, Pet, custom   


A sampling vendor whose roots trace back to 1991 in the pet industry.  Dialogue has a long history in cooperative sampling events and today there is a range of offerings that include HealthSTART® Retail Health Program, Diabetes Outlook® and Cardiac Directions®.    In addition dialogue offers the unique Friends Fur-ever® which is a cooperative sampling program that reaches new pet owners at the moment of adoption.  It's distributed to new pet owners by pet professionals at 2,000+ participating animal shelters, pet rescues and animal welfare organizations nationwide.

In Home: Digital, Direct mail; Location:  Healthcare, Sports, and more 

Elite  Sampling and Media Group, LLC

A sampling vendor who offers sampling programs via three distinct approaches:  Behavior based, Request based and Venue based.     Similar to other vendors Elite has a network of venues they offer and you can find the list on their site.    Founded 20+ years ago (1996) Elite enjoys a blue chip client list and long term relationships with many, including maintaining support from charter members of several of their unique program offerings. 

In Home:  Discovery: ecommerce inserts

Exact Media 

A relatively new sampling vendor (launched 2013) who has made solid inroads within their chosen industry segment.   Their network of retailer partners includes 'pure play' (remember that term!) retailers as well as an extensive group of  well recognized omnichannel retailer brands.  The core offering is an ecommerce ride along delivered sampling solution for reaching samplers at home.  Working with retailers and thereby establishing some, we believe, unique targeting approaches with evidently successful integration into the fulfillment value chain allows brands great control on who receives what.  

Location:  Education, Services.   Large network of locations with ability to "Hand it 2 ..." samplers based on gender, demography and other custom dimensions.  

Hand it 2 Network   

With 15+ year history Handit2 Network offers venue-based sampling promotions helping brands reach their target samplers in environments where samples are unexpected.   This style of venue-based sampling delivers samples to brick-and-mortar establishments where potential samplers congregate.   There are several established Handit2 'Channels' (Moms, Men, Millennials, Pet owners, etc.) as well as an ability to customize to meet brand needs.

In Store; Events; Location:  Workplace   

Interactions Daymon  

Founded in 1988, Interactions is a global player in retail solutions and experiential marketing for retailers and brands.   They provide a wide range of activation services and brand ambassadors  who bring professional services to brands seeking all manner of help from sampling to pop up stores and even flash mobs!    Interactions is a Daymon Worldwide company who, with its large global workforce, manages nearly 3 million events every year (~ 5,500 events each day).  Interactions also includes Club Demonstration Services (CDS) which is the preferred in-house event marketing provider to Costco and as such offers in store demonstration and sampling services to brands.   With their recent introduction of Brands2Desk they have expanded their sampling services to reach employees at their place of work as well.

In Home Direct mail ; Professional  

McNerney & Associates   

For more than 30 years McNerney & Associates has been providing marketing services to brands in the CPG world and beyond.   They offer Professional Sampling as well as In Home (direct mail) services.   At McNerney & Associates, everything starts with design.   They describe it as the basis for their success, and they are unabashedly fanatical about it.      Being able to address sampling issues and  produce a cost effective and sturdy packaging option while still staying marketing worthy could be said to be what they are known for.    The company offers a range of in-house production services that permits the kind of one-stop solution many brands and agencies require.      

Location: Services, Education, Entertainment, Travel.    Customizeable options to reach unique target audiences.     

Niche Sampling, Inc.  

Approaching 25 years in business the folks at Niche Sampling have provided brands with access to samplers in venues that have kept up with changing consumer preferences.   With a particular expertise in several location genres (fitness, etc.) they have a strong belief in samplings power and have been efficiently delivering for brands since before the turn of the century.   Keeping up with changing times they continue to develop new services to reach people where your sample can have a clutter breaking impact. 

Location:  Doctors, Services, venue-based  Event :  Brand Ambassadors   In-Home:  Door Hangers      

Promo Partners, Inc. 

Founded in 2003, Promo Partners Inc. (PPI)  occupies a special space in the product sampling arena: all locations in its wide network must affirmatively opt-in to the specific program prior to receiving samples.  PPI's personalized relationship with varied sampling venues ensures highly efficient end-user product placement; combined with turn-key single brand and/or co-op programs and highly specific recap audits, brand owners are assured of broad insight regarding the efficacy of goal attainment.  PPI is a minority owned, all female staffed and operated company.


In Home: Digital. 


Another more recent entrant (Established 2013) into the online sample request arena.  While Digital product sampling has been around since 2000 (at scale) this approach offers a unique twist which is to have created a SaaS vehicle to permit 'anyone' to create and manage their own sampling initiatives.   Taking full advantage of today's technologies Sampler creates programs with brand owners, publishers & communities, and agencies to provide a specific tailored process that seems very flexible and adaptable to many needs.    Today there are multiple simple solutions available from initial engagement (Sampler Audience Network) through all the bits and bytes up to and including fulfillment on the back end.      

Events : Flexible Location:  Depends on community organization  Social:  With specific 'social good' goals.   

Sampling For Good 

A unique, time saving and audit trail compliant approach to matching brand marketers with legitimate events.   SamplingforGood's platform vets the events, collects event data, offers simple access to multiple event opportunities, and tracks brand efforts.  Brands, agencies and even sampling vendors can select to distribute samples to small events in an efficient and turnkey manner.   After many years in the sampling world we know EVERY brand struggles to be able to manage heartfelt requests from small community organizers - a challenge only magnified as a brands size increases.  This is an actual solution to this common problem. 

Location:  Beauty, Barbershop, Church Family Networks  Event based  co-op street fairs, etc.

Segmented Marketing Services inc. 

This organization has been focussed on helping brands within the African American and Latino communities for far longer than the term "ethnic marketing' has been around.   To quote directly from their site "Since 1978, SMSi networks have reached ethnic urban consumers where they live, work, play, shop, worship, groom, and learn."    Using several established networks and services that go far beyond sampling;  if you seek to address these urban communities SMSi may be in a unique position to help you. 

Location:  Education (programs both off and online are available) 

School Family Media 

A long established vendor with a network of over 80,000 school groups from PTA/PTO's and more.   Sampling is only one of the myriad offerings allowing brands to connect to families through the educational setting.   Established in 1999 with multiple platforms to interact within the educational environment this group offers both custom sample distribution and brand participation in co-op events (Back to School).    

In Store; In Home; Event 

the Sunflower Group

This company started in 1978 and has a long history of experiential marketing efforts in any number of ways.   Reaching In home via multiple channels including direct mail, newspaper bag, and even door hangers.  In store (Target, Publix , Giant and others) and Event sampling options (Intercepts, mobile(vans, etc.) Retail, Sports & festivals) are also part of the tools brought to bear on brand needs.

In Home:  Digital, Direct Mail 


This vendor has a 40 year history (as Young America)  and rebranded itself as it's moved to the more contemporary set of services now being offered.  Long established operational excellence is now combined with new ways to engage people and the service offerings go far beyond "just" product sampling.    Yaengage has multiple options for request based sampling programs and the company routinely performs millions of transactions every year for major CPG firms.