Joining forces … SG360° Acquires Data Service Solutions (DSS)

Best wishes to all involved, knowing both firms and the midwest market this move seems eminently logical.

I wish all involved luck and success – these two firms, along with enormous printing prowess,  have substantial expertise in the care and feeding of product sampling programs.  In particular the assembly & fulfillment as well as distribution & packaging design elements of “How Sampling Works”.   The industry lines continue to blur however and hence handling data, order capture and other parts of the process are, I am certain, enhanced as well.

Available scale increases as success grows a company –  a good thing for the business.   I am, however, left concerned about support for startups and smaller scale firms who are inefficient / costly to manage by companies of ever growing size.   It’s the nature of the business a positive in many ways so I am not ranting against that windmill.    Thankfully new technologies and equipment can make “small runs” feasible so, I continue to hope care is given to insuring smaller scale clients are not forgotten as they too can also grow into more important customers … over time.