July Hodgepodge*

Several items that caught our eye this month:

July 12th From Event Magazine (UK).   Pepsi launching a Ginger flavored cola (something I would like!) via a “sampling program” at 10 UK Universities.  Photo booth mentioned … not sure if one must engage in sharing media in order to try the product  – hopefully not.

July 6th.   I like this one only because I think EVERY liquor store opening ought to create such an option, appropriate to their own market of course.    “… store will devote a section to products sourced from New York wineries and distilleries and feature a dedicated tasting area for product sampling. “  This is about the opening of the Tin Woodman’s Flask 

July 6th  I find this very interesting – New CMO on June 12th and an announcement of this program in her third week!      Sampling is clearly not only for the new – witness Honey Baked Ham’s declaration that hence forth (over this summer at least)  Friday shall be Tryday!  An idea that I think can create some routine traffic (perhaps?) not every store will participate of course but “Customers can visit a local store from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.* to try a product sample for their next summer occasion.”

July 14th – From Canada – another example of the classic store opening approach.   “There will also be Giant Value product sampling for all to enjoy.”  An announcement of the next Giant Tiger store opening – this time in Charlottetown, PEI!

Friendly the Giant Tiger (CNW Group/Giant Tiger Stores Limited)

July 13th – Palm Coast Observer.    Love the headline “Shoppers rejoice for ALDI opening in Palm Coast”    “Just” another store opening notice – it seems they all do include “product sampling” in some manner in the copy but, interesting how in some cases it’s featured (if you will) and in others just kind of in there (as if it were expected/assumed)

July 11th – Australia based but participating countries involved include United States, Brazil, Poland, Italy and France.   As is ever more typical of solid campaigns this offers “a range of activities such as experiential and outdoor activations, product sampling, in-store point of sale, digital and print advertising, public relations and social media amplification.”    I am all for “an international marketing campaign celebrating intimacy.”  but  have these folks met the varied constituencies they might encounter here in the US?     I have to chuckle envisioning  the lawyers here trying to get the contest rules ironed out for “SKYN® Condoms is recruiting couples across the globe to enter a competition to win an all-expenses paid trip and critique the nation’s top intimacy locations.”    Oh, come on, if I don’t have fun with this one … no offense to anyone I just smiled when this one hit the data feeds I am collecting.

July 12th – Closer to home from Cleveland, our friends at Workplace Impact have a unique service that works to “serve the needs of restaurant owners looking to increase sales.”    These folks do a lot of interesting sampling programs and this recent article is included because of the 25th anniversary video (Feb, 2014) at the end of the article which really made me smile.


*noun   1.   a heterogeneous mixture; jumble.