Popchips earn 72% lift in velocity !!

Love headlines like this:

  Focus on ‘one snack at a time’ helps better-for-you popchips earn 72% lift in velocity in target cities

Fact is that, while I’d like to say product sampling = increased velocity in a direct and simple manner, this campaign had a lot more going on.   Although at it’s root it really was all about getting the product into peoples hands the program success was clear in the write up by author Elizabeth Crawford on Food Navigator   … which is a worthy site with often interesting content (Just FYI)

Clearly, not every brand could (or even should) do what PopChips did; even if they had their own large 10th Anniversary budget.  However, this is a GREAT lesson in thinking strategically about ones brand, the right fit (in terms of celebrity), and having a good deal of fun creating experiences where sampling clearly worked and did achieve the ultimate goal – a rise in sales velocity.

Well worth a look at this article … it’s quite a testimony that SamplingWorks!   … when done well!