Ummmm …. Remember that Australia “No Sugar Coke” program ….

Well, while I enjoyed talking about it as an example of a major sampling push (2 million samples for a county with a population of around 24.5 Million) .    Something tells me I might have jumped the gun and/or negotiations are taking place in the press.    To whit – it appears that Woolworths Limited* who control nearly 40% (2014) of grocery sales in Australia recently said this:

“We have taken the decision to not range this product at this time,” a spokesman said.     “Our customers looking for a no sugar or low sugar cola option have ample choice already. We continue to stock Coca-Cola Zero in our stores nationwide.”  For the full story click here

Kind of flies in the face of the big new sampling program to launch No Sugar Coke as a replacement for Coke Zero.   While you all known my affinity for sampling, and I do really find the Coke sampling plans interesting, reality is that without distribution in stores representing more than a third of grocery sales let’s all agree now to NOT judge the impact of the sampling program on a pure financial basis unless this minor little hiccup gets addressed – deal?


* YES. Woolworths for you out of touch Americans.  Which btw had no relation (except for the name which had not been trademarked in Australia!) to the venerable, yet now extinct, F.W.Woolworth chain that many of us grew up with.   Did you know the Woolworths we knew (stock symbol ticker Z, to give you a sense of it’s importance at one point in history) ceased to be in 1997?  The company focus moved to athletic equipment eventually became known by a major store brand – Foot Locker(2001) and the ticker symbol changed in 2003 to FL which it is today