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Popchips earn 72% lift in velocity !!
Love headlines like this:
  "Focus on ‘one snack at a time’ helps better-for-you popchips earn 72% lift in velocity in target cities"
Fact is that, while I'd like to say product
A new pathway to the grocery shelf
Naturebox Goes Offline with Safeway and Sprouts
I read this and smiled.    This discovery commerce brand as launch platform has started to show up on shelf - having been "proven" in
Product Sampling Is The 'Anti-Promotion' Media Post, picks up April'17 post.
I liked this and commented on it when it originally ran on LinkedIn back in April - (interesting that the links of original new item are "no
Joining forces ... SG360° Acquires Data Service Solutions (DSS)
Best wishes to all involved, knowing both firms and the midwest market this move seems eminently logical.
I wish all involved luck and success - these two
USA Today - Really?
While decidedly tongue in cheek this piece in today's USA Today raised my hackles a bit.    Yes, the science is real - reciprocity is a very real behavior and not overlooked by our industry as a positive.
July Hodgepodge*
Several items that caught our eye this month:
July 12th From Event Magazine (UK).   Pepsi launching a Ginger flavored cola (something I would like!) via a "sampling program" at 10 UK Universities.  Photo
Ummmm .... Remember that Australia "No Sugar Coke" program ....
Well, while I enjoyed talking about it as an example of a major sampling push (2 million samples for a county with a population of around 24.5 Million) .

Just in case you thought CVS/Aetna was "new", take a look at activity in the "Pharmacy" space ...

Here's to all thing's Product Sampling - come visit and see for yourself

Here's to all thing's Product Sampling - come visit and see for yourself

Worth some thoughts ... "Never heard of the source or website you’re on? Ask yourself why not?"

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